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Operation Frostline - Additions & Changes

2015-12-15 - Publié par CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce that a number of changes and additions have been made to Operation Frostline Targets across New Eden.

The drop rate for a number of items has been increased significantly in order to provide more reward for pilots who are assisting the Upwell Consortium in dealing with the Serpentis Corporation menace.

In addition to this, blueprint copies for the four new Tech II Logistics frigates have been added to potential rewards for completely clearing Operation Frostline Targets.

We hope you'll continue to enjoy taking on the Serpentis Corporation over the course of the Holidays!

You can also check out the links below for Operation Frostline and Jump Field Generator Wallpapers:

1280x1024 - 1440x900 - 1920x1080 - 2560x1440

1280x1024 - 1440x900 - 1920x1080 - 2560x1440