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Opposition Officials Criticize Foiritan

2008-06-12 - Publié par Svarthol

Villore - In the uneasy calm following CONCORD's call for a cessation of hostilities, there are already criticisms being levelled at Gallente President Souro Foiritan.

Given emergency powers by the Gallente Senate as a result of that body's declaration of war on the Caldari State, President Foiritan was charged with the daunting task of providing leadership to the Federation's military forces, still reeling from the surprise Caldari attack. Though many lauded a calm and restraint that brought the worst of the fighting to a close quickly, others were quick to criticise his actions.

"Had I known he was going to roll over like a cur and concede a planet in our home system to the enemy, I'd never have approved giving him emergency powers," was the scathing comment made by Matilde Chuong-Gennier, a Senator representing a largely Jin-Mei constituency.

Senator Chuong-Gennier was perhaps the most vocal, but certainly not alone among Foiritan's opponents to make such statements. "The fact that the Caldari were able to so easily bypass our border defenses and develop overwhelming force in Luminaire demonstrates a severe intelligence gap and egregious underfunding of key areas," said Carmen Duvolle, a senior Senate aide. She continued, adding, "Really, this whole debacle demonstrates a failure at all levels of the current administration."

Senator Mentas Blaque, Foiritan's long-time political opponent, has so far remained silent on the issue, and no one on his personal staff was willing to publicly comment on the President's decision.

President Foiritan is not without his supporters, however. Gaven Blalonde, a public policy analyst for Legal Matters Incorporated said, "What would any of these other so-called 'leaders' have done differently in his position? Stubborly resisted and allowed Gallente Prime to be bombarded to rubble? This kind of criticism is partisan politics at its worst, and it comes at a time when we need unity the most."

President Foiritan is scheduled to address the nation shortly.