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Riot on Villore VII Dispersed by the Police

2009-03-10 - Publié par Svarthol

Villore – Escalating tensions in the Gallente Federation have led to the first confrontation between the anti-Caldari protesters and the riot police outside the Caldari diplomatic building on Villore VII.

Thousands of protesters have gathered around the diplomatic mission, shouting anti-Caldari slogans and blocking entry to the building. Additional police units had been deployed to the area several hours before, but the law enforcement squads had failed to abate the conflict as several protesters started hurling stones at the building.

Fearing that the mob will get out of control, the police employed tear gas and sonic grenades against the protesters. No shots were fired, and the riot was quickly dispersed.

Kronal Gattard, Villore police commissioner, had addressed the marchers: "Today is a black day for all of us, but there is absolutely no indication that the Caldari State or any of its citizens are to blame. I share your grief, but I have to say this to you: my people and I will deal with any breach of peace with utmost severity."