The o7 show airs this Sunday (Sept 25) at 20:00 UTC | EVE Online

The o7 show airs this Sunday (Sept 25) at 20:00 UTC

2016-09-19 - Publié par CCP Guard

Make sure to cancel all your important Sunday plans because 'o7: The EVE Online show' airs at 20:00 EVE time!

The show will be aired on the EVE Online Twitch, YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.

On the show we'll speak with CCP Rise and CCP Cognac about Clone States, the upcoming change to how players can take part in the EVE universe. We'll have CCP Optimal, CCP Karkur and CCP Lebowski on the show to give you guys at home demos of the new Character Sheet coming with Clone States, and the much anticipated Ghost Fitting feature, coming to EVE this winter.

We'll also check out what's been happening in space and in the EVE community.

Skin giveaways, manic raving in chat, news, shinies, spaceships and more....on The o7 Show this Sunday!