Alliance Tournament V : Competitors' Introduction - Part III | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament V : Competitors' Introduction - Part III

2008-02-25 - Svarthol

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is almost upon us. This year’s entrants include a number of new, smaller and mostly unknown alliances as well as the established tournament veterans.

Next in our series of Alliance introductions, we present When Fat Kids Attack and The Kadeshi.

When Fat Kids Attack (FATTY)

Founded only two months ago, When Fat Kids Attack is comprised of five corporations and about 104 members. Flumz, CEO of x13 tells us that “FATTY” is an empire based alliance located in the southern Devoid and Derelik regions that enjoys waging war on local corporations and occasionally hunting targets of opportunity in the Providence region.

The alliance heads felt that the tournament would be a great challenge and a good learning experience for this young alliance. Flumz tells us that the fame of winning the tournament might be useful if FATTY decided to step up recruitment and possibly become a full time mercenary alliance.

The Kadeshi (THOR)

Founded early this year, The Kadeshi is currently comprised of two corporations and 41 members. Hortoken Wolfbrother, a director/executor in the alliance tells us that The Kadeshi are a nomadic alliance that focuses heavily on frontier exploration and “the procurement of massive amounts of isk”.

Hortoken feels that winning the tournament will give The Kadeshi bragging rights as the premier combat alliance in New Eden; “We get to claim we’re the best in New Eden. How is that not awesome?” The Kadeshi team is prepared for combat, and Hortoken hints that corporate espionage may play a part in one or more of his matches.

More coverage will be available live during the tournament. When Fat Kids Attack will have its first fight on Day 2 of the tournament against The Star Fraction. The Kadeshi will be engaging Blood Blind on Day 1 of the tournament.