Alliance Tournament X final roll call | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament X final roll call

2012-04-25 - CCP Loxy

Applications for commentators close on Sunday, April 29 at 23:59. Anyone looking to become a commentator needs to get this application submitted as soon as possible. Check out this blog for all necessary information and don’t miss out on one of the greatest opportunities an eve player has to mingle with CCP, spend two weeks in Iceland and become an internet spaceship celebrity!

Players can now submit adverts for the alliance tournament, there is no charge to submit a video and it will be seen by hundreds of thousands of unique viewers. Check this thread for all the rules and process.

The tournament rules are scheduled to be published on Wednesday, May 2 so stay tuned for a dev blog and update to the alliance tournament site. We will be making some very interesting changes to the rules to ensure a vibrant and exciting tournament.

Team signups will commence on Monday, May 7 and details on the process will be included in the rules dev blog.

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