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Announcing the Contenders of the Amarr Championships

2015-10-16 - CCP Logibro

Hello Players

We're pleased to announce the full list of contenders participating in the Amarr Championships. These pilots are currently assembling their teams, and we will be announcing the full list of retainers flying with each contender once they have been confirmed.

House Ardishapur:

  • Rodj Blake
  • Venix
  • SoulLess Zealot
  • Laerise

House Kador:

  • Max Singularity    
  • Joshua Mistweaver    
  • Ithica Hawk    
  • Fafer    

House Khanid:

  • Tyrrax Thorrk    
  • Damassys Kadesh    
  • Soldarius    
  • Edeity

House Kor-Azor:

  • Aldrith Shutaq    
  • Uriel Paradisi    
  • Morgaine Mighthammer    
  • Lysus    

House Sarum:

  • Elise Randolph
  • Mitara Newelle
  • Flyinghotpocket
  • Smitty Uitra    

House Tash-Murkon:

  • Chessur    
  • Raphael Saint    
  • Rachea    
  • Kelon Darklight  

Make sure you're ready to watch the contenders battle it out to become the champion for their house, and then win the throne for their chosen heir in November and April on the CCP Twitch channel.

For more discussion on the selections, visit the thread on the Intergalactic Summit (IGS) or this thread in the EVE AT forums. Please remember that the IGS is an in-character forum, and as such all posts must be made as such.