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Amarr Epistolary Societies Report Increase in Minmatar Converts

2009-05-31 - Svarthol

Amarr – The Amarr College of Epistolary Societies has issued a report showing that there has been a substantial increase in 'voluntary conversions abroad' and particularly among Minmatar living in the Minmatar Republic. An umbrella organization covering a number of religious societies dedicated to spreading the Amarr faith by way of letters and written sermons – known formally as epistles – the College of Epistolary Societies recently encouraged its member societies to concentrate on writing to released slaves returning to the Republic.

Subdeacon Parsius, a spokesman for the College and a member of the Society of St. Aloysius of the Quill, issued a statement to accompany publication of the report: "It is with great gladness that I offer this report to the people of God, our benefactors and her Imperial Majesty. Since the edict of her Majesty, correspondences between our members and new converts have increased by approximately 500,000 transmitted documents and 42,500 couriered packages of religious materials and other items of comfort to the faithful. A very high percentage of this increase is accounted for by confirmed exchanges between our members and Minmatar brothers and sisters."

The report from the College also provides some evidence of a trend of private conversions among released slaves within the Minmatar Republic, contrasting with high-profile public cases such as the Salvation Crusade of Abel Jarek. The Minmatar authorities have made no comment on the report. Additionally, sources within the Republic Security Services refused to confirm or deny suggestions that correspondence to and from Amarr is routinely monitored.