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Amarr Manufacturing Sector Anticipates Productivity Increase

2009-09-02 - Svarthol

Pimebeka - Manufacturing companies large and small have begun making aggressive plans to increase their output, with companies like Khanid Works and Carthum Conglomerate leading the charge. The driver behind this anticipated growth is the steadily increasing volume of high-end minerals entering Amarr space from the nearby regions of Delve and Querious.

Wracked by constant warfare between capsuleer alliances for the past two years, the regions have once again lapsed into relative tranquility. Doul Guribi, a manager for Carthum Conglomerate, explained, "When the Band of Brothers and their vassals held unchallenged sway over the regions, valuable high-end minerals flowed into our factories like water. With the coming of the 'Great War' in the south, that flow slowed to a trickle." Guribi posited that this reduction stemmed from capsuleer alliances' hoarding of the minerals for their own war production, as well as the disruption of mining operations due to constant inter-alliance raiding.

Khanid Works spokeswoman Urgiza Falant echoed this analysis. "As one side or the other needed a quick infusion of capital we'd see the sale of large mineral stocks, but that was an irregular occurrence." Ms. Falant pointed out that the situation is fertile ground for large-scale market manipulation, and that fluctuations in prices and volumes sold could swing wildly until things settle into a new equilibrium.

Now under the unified rule of GoonSwarm, Querious and Delve are once again poised to play a major role in supplying minerals to Amarr manufacturers. With key transport infrastructure only a few jumps from several high-security market and manufacturing hubs, GoonSwarm appears to be positioning itself to take advantage of this synergy.

Not all Amarr industrialists are pleased by this development, however. In particular, GoonSwarm's tendency to target miners with suicide attacks has drawn the ire of Ducia Foundry, a corporation extensively invested in mining operations throughout New Eden. "Without the distraction of a major war, we fear that these attacks will only grow more common," said Ducia spokesman Agadath Hejoul.