Angel Cartel opens ties with capsuleer alliances | EVE Online

Angel Cartel opens ties with capsuleer alliances

2006-06-08 - Svarthol

The long silent and reclusive criminal superpower Angel Cartel has made a major about face in policy this week. Xavier Khun, lead diplomat for the Angels, hosted a reception in the HLW-HP system in Curse, attended by a multitude of diplomats representing capsuleer organizations that operate in the area. "It is our goal to seek a stable are of space which promotes commerce and ensures the safety and security of our borders." said Khun to the assembly, "Those of you who have chosen to reside in our space are will presented with a unique opportunity to prove yourselves and in doing so potentially gain a powerful ally."

Khun then revealed the details of a major offensive upon the Cartel by the remnants of the Sansha's Nation. These attacks have escalated in recent weeks, and the Cartel is preparing for a strong counterattack in the Catch region. Capsuleer Alliances were being asked to align with the Cartel in this conflict. Many of the attending delegates offered their support on the spot, including Ascendant Frontier and The Galactic Empire, who according to Mr. Khun, have already been involved with the Cartel in the opening phases of the war.

The plans of the Cartel in this move seem vast. "What we are looking for is the corporations and alliances that are willing to prove their worth to us. And in doing so join us in building up this area of space into a truly respectable nation." said Mr. Khun. This possibility, unheard of in its scope, seems to offer a huge incentive to the capsuleer navies of the politically unstable South.

Military analysts across New Eden are already reeling at the precedent this could set when dealing with threats beyond CONCORD-sanctioned space. "In the continuously evolving business of warfare, capsule pilots have become an inevitably important factor." said Tarien Kurenli, a professor from the Society of Conscious Thought in Geminate. "While some of the Empires have begun to see the advantages of having loyalist capsuleer fleets, it is distressing that in the depths of lawless space, enemies of humanity are the first to reach this far. Change comes slow it seems."

Neuden Odjel of the Gallente State Dept. says there is a reason for healthy scepticism. "Sure, capsule pilots are wonderful strategic assets. They have their own supply lines, autonomous infrastructure, but as any agent working with them will tell you, an egger looks after his wallet, not your mission. Powers beyond the borders of civilization would do well to remember that a lot of these roving pirate bands they seek to deploy are only focused on what's in it for them."

Further negotiations behind the scenes are expected to continue throughout the week.