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Anti-Caldari Demonstrations Flare Up Across the Federation

2009-03-10 - Svarthol

CAILLE - Although the recent reports indicate that the Seyllin I catastrophe was triggered by natural causes, lots of Gallente citizens seem to put the blame on the Caldari State. Spontaneous anti-Caldari demonstrations are breaking out across the Federation planets, and although no clashes with the police were reported yet, many fear that the situation may escalate to full-blown rioting.

Thousands of protesters, waving signs and shouting 'Murderers!', have gathered at the municipal council building in Caille. The city officials have approached the protesters, trying to calm the crowd down, but the tensions still remain high. One of the protesters, a social worker Jenna Riousse, has told The Scope: 'We have seen before just how devious can the Caldari be – I am sure that they are behind this now. There can be no peace with these animals!'

The riot police in Caille were put on heightened alert several hours ago; no clashes with the civilians were reported so far. Gallente authorities have also tightened the security around the Caldari State diplomatic facilities in Luminaire and other Federation planets.