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Caldari Find Ancient Tradition Within Tournament

2008-02-14 - Svarthol

Several historians at the School of Applied Knowledge that specialize in the study of the Raata Empire believe the incredible popularity of the capsuleer tournament traces back to ancient times. The Caldari have always been known for their love of competition; be it Mind Clash, Splinterz, or the more hazardous activities. Billions of ISK are gambled away on these competitions, yet all of that looks as if it may pale in comparison to the upcoming capsuleer tournament.

While it is not the first of its kind, this year's tournament is the first to be widely broadcast within the State. “The demand for broadcasts of the tournaments has been staggering,," read a recent statement released by the CEP. "Everyone knows it’s going to be a huge and exciting contest, and they don't want to miss any of the action. It would be foolish for us to ignore these requests and the business that they will generate.” It is commonly thought that this year's tournament’s popularity has grown due to word of mouth, boosted by replays of recordings taken from previous competitions and smaller-scale independent capsuleer tournaments.

Ishkani Muren, professor of Raata culture at the School of Applied Knowledge, views the growing popularity of capsuleer events as a revival of the Solinit Kuletav, an ancient gladiatorial combat from the early days of the Raata Empire. In the ancient competition, warriors would gather from around the land to to take part in the Solinit Kuletav and face off against one another with each match lasting until one warrior yields or is defeated. Many would compete for the prestige, or to redeem themselves in the eyes of their people, others would take part for wealth. The rules , to attack an opponent before the start of the battle, or after they have yielded, was unacceptable, causing a loss of the match and in some severe cases, banishment by their lord.

While the Caldari have enjoyed countless competitions over the years, professor Muren believes that none of these activities have provided the level of violence and danger experienced in the Solinit Kuletav. While the capsuleers are at very little risk, thousands of crewmen are putting their lives on the line, working to help operate the ship in order to claim victory, at the risk of death. To crewmen, this is their chance to earn the prestige among their peers, and to the Caldari it is an opportunity to view and gamble on a bloodsport unlike any other currently offered.