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Can't stop for long...

2006-10-03 - CCP Redundancy

Life at CCP these days is pretty hectic - the Graphics Cell is in crunch mode to have something good to show off at the fanfest, and this means long hours every day, and long hours over weekends. Meanwhile, the rest of CCP is working on being feature complete for Kali 1, although certain people who have no remaining jobs have moved on to start work on Kali 2.

Nag just got the first Wacom Cintiq 21UX tablet that CCP has bought - a digital drawing pad and monitor all in one. It was love at first sight, and he hasn't stopped exclaiming "Oh my God" since he started playing with it. I certainly have to admit, it's a very different experience to working on a normal tablet, much closer to working on paper, and I know I'll end up fiddling with it over weekends.

The incredibly large space that is now the CCP HQ, which we thought we would never possibly grow to fill, is full. Development work will be moving upstairs to the new floor that's being prepared as I write this blog. I know this, because I can hear the drilling when I don't have my headphones on. I remembered that a lot of people have asked for photos of CCP, so I took some over the weekend, and the major content of this blog will be some thumbnail links to those, which, hopefully, the staff webserver will host without complaint (I should be so lucky!).

Feel free to try and read the scribbles we've put on the graphics cell windows, they relate to discussions about changes to our file formats and pipelines, bad python (spot the bug, and how the top python statement is NOT the same as the C++ statement above it), and Kali features. It's also interesting to note that I took these photos on one of the three nice days so far this year*.

  • may be only a slight understatement