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Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

2011-01-20 - Svarthol

Y112.12.01 – Y113.01.13

The most visible event for many this period has been the assault launched on the IT Alliance-controlled region of Fountain. This is being headed up by the Goonswarm Federation and Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) alliance, with many other allied groups taking part. Two stations within the region have fallen to the attacking force thus far, in PNQY-Y and 9R4-EF.

The assault has seen the fiercest fighting in the region since IT Alliance ousted Pandemic Legion from it last year. 14,487 vessels were destroyed in the last month of Y112 within the Fountain region, a considerable rise from the average of just over six thousand in the six months prior to that. The IT Alliance coalition has sustained considerably greater losses than the attacking forces so far, accounting for more than half of all of the ships lost within the region that month. The fighting continues to escalate, with 114 Sovereignty Blockade Units destroyed in January versus just 52 in all of December.

The southeast has been highlighted by continued assaults by Against All Authorities (.-A-.) as they attempt to reclaim their former territories. Assisted by their allies, .-A-. is battling The Initiative (INIT), the new owners of the territory. Catch and Impass have seen large numbers of sovereignty blockade units deployed and destroyed, with daily skirmishes between the two sides. .-A-. have made slow but significant progress, regaining several key stations within the Catch region.

The north has seen an ongoing conflict between Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition. Using their large supercapital fleet, Pandemic Legion is fighting fight for control of the numerous Technetium-laden moons in the northern regions. Having lost seven titans and a supercarrier, this has been an incredibly expensive campaign for the alliance, which has just 1,300 members. In the same period, the Northern Coalition has suffered the loss of five supercarriers and three titans to Pandemic forces.

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-Det Mallore