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CEP "running short of patience with CONCORD's blunders"

2005-12-05 - Svarthol

THE FORGE. CONCORD's pathetic inefficiency at keeping order in the Caldari core systems has reached intolerable levels, says Caldari CEP Internal Security Commander.

Reaching the lowest point in their relations since referring to CONCORD's findings on the Doriam II's investigation as an "absolute, pathetic zero", the Caldari Chief Executive Panel filed today a formal complaint before CONCORD's Inner Circle after "officials of said agency utterly failed to capture one single mentally challenged pilot by their own means, being forced to request the assistance of no less thirty freelance vessels to finish the task," according to CEP Internal Security Commander Henen Asosainen.

Tension raised after former Caldari Navy officer Mikael Kord, an escaped inmate of the Telho-Metremly Sanctuary mental institution, was detained at the Perimeter system in The Forge by CONCORD forces with massive help from freelance pod-pilots.

Mr. Kord, suffering a slight disorder that makes him believe he works as a recruiting agent for the Caldari Customs, had been first captured during early November in the Alenia system. Under circumstances not yet clear, Mr. Kord not only escaped a second time from the mental institution but also somehow managed to slip onboard a Harpy-class Assault Frigate. Found by CONCORD's Cmdr. Plavers at Niyabainen, he was later chased into Perimeter where with the help of reportedly some 30 freelance pod-pilots his ship was located on scanner, jammed, scrambled and his navigation systems put under Cmdr. Plaver's control to conduct Mr. Kord to the local Caldari Navy station.

Unlike the Gallente Federation, who regarded Mr. Kord's first detention in Alenia as a minute incident, "the Caldari Executive Panel is running short of patience with CONCORD's blunders," CEP Commander Asosainen said. "The State has its hands tied as per art. 22 clause b2 of the Yulai Convention, forcing us to surrender to CONCORD total control of our space for everything except criminals considered Kill On Sight by the Caldari Navy. Yet during yesterday's events, while CONCORD required the assistance of no less than two dozens freelance vessels for catching just one single mentally challenged pilot, local Caldari Navy forces were ordered by Cmdr. Plavers to 'stay out of the way'. We find this request to be beyond insulting and the Chief Executive Panel will demand a formal apology: it is Caldari space, and it is Caldari security. Our State remembers all too well the price of complacency in these matters; perhaps the Convention needs to be reformed and our own Navy be put in control of our own protection."

Cmdr. Plavers denied commenting on the CEP's announcement or on any of yesterday's events. CONCORD's Chief Public Relations Coordinator Obuchi Shikamaa issued a short press release acknowledging reception of the CEP formal complaint, without commenting on CONCORD's future actions on the matter.