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Civil War Continues in Great Wildlands

2009-05-19 - Svarthol

Great Wildlands - Earlier this month, a capital fleet comprised of Cult of War [-COW-] and KrautbreaK [KRAUT] capsuleers succesfully inflicted heavy losses on a True Reign [TRUE] and Republic Alliance [RE-AL] strike force. The clash of capitals in U3K-4A became even more explosive when pilots from the Tau Ceti Federation [TCF] joined the battle engaging both sides.

[RE-AL]'s Fleet Commander, Norsey, confirmed via GalNet that their target was a [-COW-] starbase. He states: "We cynoed into u3k to recap, and wait for the tower to come out ... we wasn't sure if [-COW-] would defend the tower at all".

Norsey explained that they had been watching EO2 station for possible [-COW-] activity. However, their fleet had already been ordered to jump and take position at the target starbase when intelligence came in that the enemy capital fleet had undocked and jumped to an unknown location.

C0rn1, a [KRAUTS]'s capsuleer, describes the tense moments before the battle to defend their installation: "First words of them forming up at the [starbase] came in. Only Caldari Dreads and a few carriers ... [after a while] they brought in all their capitals and started sieging". It was at this point they received order to jump.

[-COW-]'s fleet was comprised of 27 dreadnoughts, 32 carriers, a Titan and a small support wing. Having safely completed the jump they proceeded to bubble [RE-AL]'s capitals and open fire, leaving their Titan to jump in and trigger its DoomsDay weapon. Lord Gorbash, a [-COW-] pilot recalls the massive energy release; "It caught the [RE-AL], Vanguard, TR support fleet destroying a large number of ships. Some [TCF] also died ... it was the Titan's first combat action and the DD resulted in [a huge number of kills]"

[RE-AL]'s fleet was comprised of 29 dreadnoughts and 12 carriers plus support. Having being bubbled, they committed themselves to the fight and they were confident they were up to it. However, the Doomsday immediately upset the balance, as [RE-AL]'s Fleet Commander explains: "We had lost a alot of DPS and faced equal number of hostile dreads but with only half the carriers with no fighters. After the first siege cycle, it became more and more difficult sinking the enemy dreads."

By the time the dust settled, Republic Alliance had lost 29 Dreadnoughts, 7 Carriers and the bulk of its support fleet. Losses on Cult of War side amounted to 6 dreadnoughts and a carrier. [-COW-]'s starbase was later destroyed by Pandemic Legion [PL].

The U3K-4A battle is just the latest in a series of engagements continuing in Great Wildlands. After F0undation's dissolution, several corporation from the former powerblock created Republic Alliance while others reunited under Cult Of War.

When asked for his opinion on the current political situation in Great Wildlands, Lord Gorbash said: "It would be fair to say that the area is in a state of civil war... at the moment [TRUE] and [RE-AL] are of the mindset that they will settle for nothing less than the removal of [-COW-] and allies from the region... from our point of view the fight is going very well. [RE-AL] are losing a lot more ships than [us] and we are able to mount small gang operations in their home system as and when we want... [we] will not settle for the continued existence of [RE-AL] in GW at this time though we will let them leave."

Time 3290, a [RE-AL]'s diplomat, describes the conflict: "[-COW-] took advantage and started to shoot at everyone so we set them red ...The fights are very big and no one will back down... they have alot more caps and KrautbreaK [brings more] to the fight, but we are getting stronger day by day and picking up fight. [Our] plans are to run GW and keep it safe but in time we will push for sov space."

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