Community Beat for 3 February | EVE Online

Community Beat for 3 February


Welcome spacefriends, to the latest edition of the Community Beat! This is where we highlight some of the things that have caught our eye in the community over the last couple of weeks.


This pen and marker drawing of a Golem by Imperative_Arts is just phenomenal! The snapshot of it firing missiles looks very alive, and it's difficult to look at it and not get the itch to go roaming in a Golem. Sure, those blue things are the technically the bastion module cooling systems, but who cares, it looks dope! We saw your latest Vargur picture too - Keep up the great work!

One Man Army Series: Praxis VII

If after staring at that Golem, and you now feel like roaming in a battleship, then get inspired by Grunt Kado - AKA Kaiser Friedlich's newest One Man Army video. In this episode, he showcases what the Praxis is capable of. Sporting solid module management of a dual armor repairer tank, with blasters and drones as main dps. The Praxis' large cargohold lends itself to really long brawls as you have ample space for cap boosters. Check it out:

Killing FireCo supercapitals with AKC

Mc Crecket documented some Hyper Super/Titan gameplay where he, along with his friends in the AKC, shadow the FireCo move op and catch Supercarriers & Titans. They bagged a solid amount of big targets. Enjoy!

The 9th Annual Frigate Free 4 All

The legendary annual Frigate Free 4 All has been announced! It is the 9th time it will be held, and if last year is anything to go by, this one will be absolutely bonkers! It will take place on 11 March, in the Lowsec system of Ouelletta between 16:00 and 22:00 UTC. There will be more than 10.000 free ships, Prizes/Skins/Caps and More!

For more info, head over to EVEOGANDA

CSM Summit

As many of you know, the Council of Stellar Management have been teleported to Iceland for a week of meetings. This is the first time, since the before times, that we've been able to have a CSM Summit in-person! It's been incredibly constructive to watch the 10 democratically elected CSM members go over various subjects with different departments within CCP. They've been diligently going to meeting after meeting for many days in a row now, and we'll have a recap coming for you guys in the near future. Stay tuned for that!

EVE Miami - Player Gathering

Miami's first unofficial EVE Player meetup will be happening later this month, on the 25 February. The event takes place at the Lost Boy English Pub, where you can meet fellow EVE Online players from South Florida and the surrounding region. More details can be found over at eventbrite.

That's all for today's Community Beat. We're excited to see what you guys get up to in the coming weeks! Keep up the great work.

Catch you guys next time, Community Team Out!