Community Beat for 3 March | EVE Online

Community Beat for 3 March

2023-03-03 - EVE Online Community Team

Hello spacefriends, it’s time for another Community Beat! This is where we highlight some of the cool things you've been up to & where we raise awareness of upcoming player events.

To begin, we would like to give a quick shoutout to the Frigate Free 4 All happening Saturday March 11th. This is the 9th Annual Frigate Free 4 All in Ouelletta and we hope to see you on grid!

Up next, we present to you the CUTEST PvP video we've seen in a while. It's Lasker Emanuel, who made a name for himself many years ago with his solo Dreadnought PvP videos, but here he's teaching his son how to PvP! You can hear them talk back and forth during this video which will melt the heart of the most hardened bittervet.

We're going to stick to the Lowsec theme with the next video, where xxMACKxx is flying his newly acquired Alliance Tournament frigate, the Geri. Enjoy.

Finally, if you enjoy really cool wireframe art, then you should check out Lucas Armarlio's RiffStudios page on etsy. He's an official partner and is licensed to sell EVE related art.

That's all for this week's Community Beat!

Have a great weekend o7 <3