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CONCORD agent corruption?

2003-10-23 - Svarthol

MISHI, ARIDIA: He's a respected and high-ranking official of the CONCORD organisation, one of the elite few that represent all the four empires and is sworn to keep the law and the peace. But is he also a slave-trading black marketeer who arranges the security rating of thugs and pirates?

Hongalar Audurleinn is his name, and like all of CONCORD's agent's he has gone through the most strenuous of background checks before he was hired. Or did he?

More than one pilot is now accusing him of trading slaves – a practice that is certainly legal in Amarr space, but surely frowned upon by all the other empires. Even more serious is the accusation that he will “fix” your security rating for a fee. It gets even worse…as a CONCORD agent, Audurleinn can change even the record of hardened criminals – even those ranked low enough to be kill-on-sight in all empire controlled space.

“It’s not illegal. Every law enforcement agency since the dawn of man has rewarded criminals who work with the system with a reduced sentence.” Audurleinn said today when confronted with these charges.

He refused to comment on the alleged bribes, but various sources claim that he has been called back to the main office in Yulai for questioning. To many people, this was an eerie reminder of a organisation-wide scourge a few months back, when several CONCORD agents were dishonorably discharged from service.