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CONCORD Declares Threat Over

2007-11-22 - Svarthol

CONCORD and DED investigators have announced that all members of the terror cell that hijacked a prison transport have been apprehended and that the investigation is now over.

A statement from the office of Commander Haram Goskaktar's security division revealed "when the interrogation of the two captured terrorists was complete it was clear that the cell was formed specifically to breach and hijack a prison service transport vessel. Whilst details of the transport are classified we can state that all passengers on board the vessel have been accounted for."

It was originally rumored that the terrorists may have been linked to cartel crime gangs although we have been told that despite the mass of evidence collected at the Society of Conscious Thought School there was nothing to suggest any external influences.

Investigators however remain cagey when asked how the transports travel plans were discovered by the terrorists and how the report came to be leaked to the GalNet.

A spokesman for CONCORD told us that "the external threat is over, obviously there is some concern over how sensitive documents could have leaked, however that will be looked at in due course."

It was later discovered that the unknown spokesman was apparently from the office of Tara Rushi, the head of Internal Security for the Inner Circle. This would indicate the the internal breech was much more serious than had previously been belived.

No one was available for further comment.