Current server problems. We are up again! | EVE Online

Current server problems. We are up again!

2007-03-04 - Svarthol

At 19:00 GMT we noticed there were some problems with transactions, this affected players doing missions amongst other things. What exactly happened is yet to be located but the server had to be taken down immediately to avoid further problems that would affect the whole playerbase.
Further news on this will be added but it seems we need to be down until this has been fixed. How long we may need to be down is unfortunately yet unknown but we hope we'll be up and running again as soon as possible.

UPDATE: VIP mode has now been taken off so players are able to log back in, this will however take some time since we need to throttle log ins.
Do note that transaction logs aren't shown at the moment but they are logged, because of this you won't see any transactions in your nor your corporation's wallet.
This will hopefully be fixed in downtime tomorrow.

The GM Team