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Dispute over BP ownership

2003-08-13 - Svarthol

A dispute has arisen between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State on one hand and the Jovians on the other. In exchange for Jovian assistance in the construction of the massive research facilities in the Crielere system the Jovians received a number of blueprints, including an original miner II BP. The Federation and the State are furious that some of these blueprints got into circulation following the Ouria fiasco and are accusing the Jovians of incompetence, and even deliberate sabotage of the research efforts in Crielere. They are demanding that the Jovians return the blueprints still in their possession back to Crielere. The situation is very volatile at the moment, as accusations have also started flying between the Gallenteans and the Caldari. Diplomats from all sides will meet in the next few days to try and find a suitable solution to the crisis.