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EVE Launcher and users with ESET security

2012-03-15 - Svarthol

We have found a solution for some people who are getting corrupted downloaded data. The problem is caused by an antivirus/firewall called ESET Smart Security.

Players are asked to try to disable the protocol content filtering:

·  Open the main window for ESET

·  Press F5 to open the Advanced Setup Window

·  From the Advanced Setup tree, click Personal firewall,  Protocol filtering (for ESET Smart Security) or Antivirus and antispyware, Protocol filtering (for ESET NOD32 Antivirus).

·  Untick the checkbox "Enable application protocol content filtering"

·  Download the latest repair tool: //cdn1.eveonline.com/client_repair/345/repair.exe

·  Drop the repair.exe into the EVE client folder.

·  Run repair.exe

This will update your game client, take you to the latest version and give you a working version of the Launcher.

If this resolves your problem, please contact the customer support for ESET and ask them send out an update to the protocol filtering or ask that they contact CCP Games via email security@ccpgames.com so that we can resolve this issue together.