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EVE Online: Revelations II Deployment Completed!

2007-06-19 - Svarthol

The deployment of EVE Online: REVELATIONS II was completed on 19 June at 2215 GMT, a deployment completed before the scheduled return to service. The second of three installments in EVE Online's second major game expansion, Revelations brings a wide range of new content, features, updates and improvements to the EVE Online universe. You can view this information by visiting the Patch Notes pages. Dev Blogs with information on some of the recent changes, additions and features are also available.

IMPORTANT! When the patch has been deployed, your client(s) patched and you log in for the first time, the cache folder will migrate to the new location specified below. Depending on the size of your cache folder, this may be hardly noticeable, it may take several minutes. Please be patient while this happens and do NOT restart your client if it appears to 'hang'! Thank you.

Post-patch feedback can be viewed in this forum thread.

Enjoy Revelations II!