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EveTV & Two Tournaments

2006-10-12 - kieron

Long time no blog,

The EveTV crew has been in preparation mode over the last month or so, and quite a lot of big decisions have been made. We have new experts, new commentators, new content and two whole tournaments to cover.

EveTV will be present at FanFest. We are still looking into doing a live stream from there. However, the biggest purpose of being there is recording material for the main event, which happens in December.

Rules and discussion for the FanFest tournament can be found here

The second alliance tournament will be held on the first two weekends of December. We are aiming to make it bigger, more exciting and in all ways better than before. Several changes in the rules, including a points-based ship selection system, should create much needed variety in ship setups. ECM is now allowed which stirs everything up quite a bit.

Xyliana, SpiralJunkie, Xod and Hinik will be returning as our main crew, but we have some new faces (and voices) for you aswell.

Experts: Ifni, Jamesw, Andrew Gunn & Farjung
Commentators: Mebrithiel Ju'wien & DJ Condor

Alliance Tournament Rules (.pdf download, not final) and the thread for Rules Discussion.

Additionally, the sign-ups for the tournament in December start on November 1st. We are allowing sixty alliances to compete, so it should be one hell of a tournament.

See you at FanFest!