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Exodus causes crippling labour shortages

2006-03-20 - Svarthol

Further repercussions from an increasingly large Matari exodus to the Gallente Federation surfaced this week as a number of Matari industrial complexes, situated near the Republic-Federation border, ground to a halt due to severe labour shortages.

With all eyes on the Gallente Federation as it continues to grapple with the sudden influx of Matari immigrants, little heed has been paid to the increasing problems caused within the Minmatar Republic by the wholesale loss of citizens. In both the Eugidi and Barvigrard constellations, which border the Federation-controlled Sinq Laison region of space, the emigration has grown so large that several major industrial stations have been forced to cease or severely limit operations due to a massive shortfall in the available workforce.

The Minmatar Mining Corporation (MMC) has been hit especially hard by this exodus, being forced to cease operations in both mining facilities in the Uttindar system.

Speaking from a refinery station in Aset, MMC mining coordinator Marerlur Simnika in a statement yesterday said: “We've had to strip all of our mineral reserve stations in both constellations of all but skeleton crews just to maintain operations both here and at the mining outpost in the Avenod system. Even the refinery in Uisper has had to scale back operations, partly because of the reduced mineral inputs, but mostly because three quarters of the usual staff vanished into the Federation over the last two months. The only plus is that there have been no reported incidents of violent tribal disputes at any of our facilities”.

Fellow Matari corporation Boundless Creation has also come under pressure, with several of its facilities in both Eugidi and Barvigrard – most notably in the Hagilur system – now operating at critical staffing levels. “Perhaps we have been more able to hold onto skilled workers due to our above average wages and excellent employee benefits,” said the Boundless Creation Public Relations Officer, Sirfortur Ofarter, “but if the current bleed of citizens across the border continues then even we will be forced to close down several production lines. The Republic Parliament needs to step in and find a solution to this problem before it gets further out of hand.”

With the Parliament and tribal leaders preoccupied over the growing inter-tribal violence afflicting the core systems of the Republic, the stream of Matari citizens crossing into the Federation is continuing unabated. Several corporations are hoping that the Republic will take steps to end the exodus.