Gallente Federation celebrates Federation Day | EVE Online

Gallente Federation celebrates Federation Day

2007-06-17 - Svarthol

SINQ LAISON - On the 16th of June 109, pilots from all parts of the Gallente Federation gathered together in the Aunia system to begin celebrations for the 228th anniversary of the founding of the Gallente Federation. This annual event is known to both pod-pilots and planetside citizens as Federation Day, a celebration of the diversity of the Federation and the values it upholds.

The festivities this year were arranged by the CEO of Lutin Corp, Bruno Bonner, who began the evening with a fireworks display launched from the sole station in the Aunia system, followed by a race using frigate class ships won by pilot Kor Ah, a director for Team JAVELIN and a member of The Cyrene Initiative. The Federation Navy sent it's public relations squadron, the Blazing Comets from the academy in Duripant over to Aunia to join the celebrations. The highly trained combat pilots of the Blazing Comets are one of the Federation Navy's most ethnically diverse squadrons. Their ranks bring together pilots from all races and backgrounds, epitomizing the Federation's hugely varied populace. Upon their arrival, they handed out Blazing Comet souvenir insignia pins, and offered to sign fellow pod-pilot's hulls.

The next event was a one-on-one frigate tournament held within the Aunia system. Pod pilots and civilians alike had been eagerly awaiting the tournament, with some Federation citizens reportedly placing large bets on the outcome. However, after only a couple of rounds, the tournament was disrupted by a pirate who swept in and destroyed Bruno Bonner's Gallente Navy Comet before being dispatched by CONCORD. With one of the major competitors and pre-tournament favorites unfairly eliminated, organizers decided to cancel the rest of the tournament.

Not letting their spirits be dulled, the organizers continued straight on to the Miss Federation beauty contest. The contest was decided by a Federation wide voting system to ensure every citizen could participate, and Uni Zueto (of Gemini Federation), an Amarr by birth but now a naturalized citizen , was crowned Miss Federation for the year 109. Despite not being born in the Federation, her victory was welcomed by it's citizens. "She's not Gallentean, but her heart is in the right place," said pod-pilot Tiffy Mezzier. "Her winning demonstrates the diversity of the Federation."

The celebrations continued long into the night, with both pod-pilots and citizens joining in with the festivities. Across the Federation, similar celebrations were held in both orbital stations and planetside, with extravagant parades taking place in major population centers. The Federation police services reported no serious incidents, but there were a number of arrests arising from drink-fueled disputes.