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Gallente fury over Caldari inactivity

2003-11-15 - Svarthol

Following the news that the Caldari State had declined to offer any kind of compensations or aid to the victims of the foul Protein Delicacies, Gallenteans everywhere have expressed their outrage and shock. For the last few years the relations between the two nations has been steadily improving, but all that has been carefully built up in that time is now under threat of being undone. The Federation Senate has been in uproar since the Caldari made their decision and many senators have been extremely outspoken on the matter, talking about anything from trade boycotts to renewing the war. The official stance of the Federal cabinet has been less severe, it has expressed it sadness that the Caldari were unwilling to lend a helping hand, or even accept their responsibility in the matter. But anonymous government officials have hinted that the President is deliberating ways to ‘get back’ at the Caldari. Only time can tell what these actions, if any, will be.