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Gallente Investors Seek Government Guarantees

2009-09-10 - Svarthol

Luminaire - As transports carrying Poksu personnel and equipment began arriving in Uphallant, a protest was taking place in Luminaire, with demonstrators calling upon President Foiritan to act decisively to address the situation.

The public has been vocal in its outrage, and voices of dissent have also been heard in the Gallente financial sector, with investors calling on the Foiritan Administration to offer government-backed guarantees on assets annexed by the Caldari. While the administration has not yet responded to these requests, beyond saying that they're "considering all options," the President has already drawn criticism from a number of directions. Zemla Faudien, a recruiter for the Federal Defence Union, stated, "Any money spent propping up corporate investments would be better spent actually fighting the damn Caldari." Faudien and others feel strongly that the Foiritan government has not done enough to support the military and militia forces.

The hawks among the Gallente were not alone in their criticism of the administration. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior executive at Pend Insurance remarked, "The solution is not securing investments, the solution is providing a climate that is conducive to safe investing." When pressed on what that might entail, the executive replied: "It's time for Foiritan to stop whipping up nationalist sentiment, admit we've been beaten, and sue for peace with the Caldari."

As of this moment President Foiritan's economic team has responded to the matter only by stating they are taking a "wait-and-see" approach.