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Hull Miner's Union Using Wormholes For Guerilla Style Raiding

2009-04-11 - Svarthol

Syndicate - KingRizen of the Hull Miner's Union [ONION], has formally declared his corporation's intent to utilize wormhole space in an attempt to bring guerilla-style warfare to New Eden.

The Hull Miner's Union, formerly of the disbanded Red Skulls alliance, believe that they are a tight-knit and highly proficient combat corporation. Formerly freebooters in several low-security regions, they made an abortive attempt to seize space in Syndicate, only to be repulsed by the Huzzah Federation.

The discovery of wormhole space has given capsuleers the means to cross the length and breadth, if unpredictably, of New Eden. It is the Hull Miner's Union's intent to use this new capability to go deep into otherwise well-defended regions, strike at targets, and then withdraw into wormhole space. In the words of ONION Co-CEO, KingRizen, "We will not be announcing our arrival, although you will know you are being hunted, you will not know from where or when."

This new direction has already borne fruit for the Hull Miners in the Great Wildlands. KingRizen explains; "Earlier yesterday the corp managed to get a faction fit Typhoon and a Drake to eject from their ships only to get [pod killed] due to a heavy [interdictor] bubble." According to KingRizen, ONION has also made appearances in Scalding Pass and Cache.

The Hull Miners state that they have no plans on actually basing out of wormhole space at the present time; they wish only to use it as a means of acquiring new targets, both inside and outside of the wormholes. Given the added complications of capital ship entry, ONION has removed wormhole based towers from their target list.

When asked about any strategies he would suggest to those who would follow in his corporation's path, KingRizen had this to say, "As for strategies, we tend to use wormholes a lot for unexpected backdoor roams, and keeping it small and tight", and further, "When roaming in big alliance back systems it's good to stay mobile."

Although many pilots wished ONION good luck, several responded to the statement with scorn: "Will you bring a [tower] with you to hide at too?"; asked The Jackhammer. Marlona Sky added: "I'm so glad you shared this super important information with us. I am increasing our 'Homeland Defense' budget by 1% to prepare for these invasions of epic proportions."

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