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Introducing White Wolf Enterprises, an Integration of the White Wolf and EVE Online Communities

2007-10-02 - CCP kieron

Some members of the EVE community may have noticed the June 2006 formation of a curiously named corporation, White Wolf Interstellar. The corporation consisted of employees and friends of White Wolf Inc. who wanted to more fully experience the primary product of the company with which they were in negotiations to merge. White Wolf Inc. employees originally began playing EVE in October 2005 as they explored a spectrum of MMOGs, EVE is the one many of the employees continued to play. At that time there were no thoughts of the corporation as anything other than co-workers doing what so many other groups of friends have done: enjoy EVE as a community.

Following the merger between CCP and White Wolf, there were the obvious internal discussions about offering the White Wolf community an opportunity to explore EVE Online with each other. EVE Chronicles have appeared in the White Wolf quarterly newsletter and EVE has been demonstrated for World of Darkness players at conventions such as GenCon, but of course the best way to know EVE is to play EVE. So we considered the idea of opening White Wolf Interstellar up to the White Wolf fan community as a place where friends of similar interests could gather into one organization.

The journey to this announcement has been long. Since the original conception, a variety of implementations have been considered. Other events have transpired which made us re-evaluate the structure of the corporation and make adjustments. For instance, the very name of the corporation was deemed capable of causing confusion with the EVE volunteer organization, Interstellar Services Division, so White Wolf Interstellar became White Wolf Enterprises (ticker: WWES). Name changes were made to three WWES Corporate Officers in an effort to make them recognizable to the White Wolf community. Finally, one of the corporation members recently moved from working on WW publications to EVE mission design, so that prompted a ruling from CCP's Internal Affairs Director that the character must resign from the corporation. Why is this information pertinent? It is our intention to bring WWES to the attention of the EVE community with transparency in place. Rest assured, no special advantages or considerations will be given to WWES or its members.

Having said that, we are pleased to formally announce the start of a new campaign that will familiarize the White Wolf fan community with EVE Online. The blending of the fans from the two prior companies will continue to find common ground in future games, like the MMOG based upon the World of Darkness that is now underway.

Membership in WWES is not limited to the White Wolf community. Current EVE players are also welcome to join the corporation, more information about White Wolf Enterprises may be found at the WWES home page. Additional information, such as the differences between a player and NPC corporation, how to join and tips on EVE game play may be found on the Join page.

We hope the influx of White Wolf Capsuleers will be received and welcomed into their new found family by the EVE Online community.