Live Dev Blog - Can you feel the Heat? - Thursday, May 31 at 20.00 GMT | EVE Online

Live Dev Blog - Can you feel the Heat? - Thursday, May 31 at 20.00 GMT

2007-05-24 - Svarthol

Topic for this Live Dev Blog will be Heat, to get some background on it you can check out this recent Dev Blog. There's also a bit about Heat in the latest issue of EON. To enlighten you all on this topic we will have TomB, Tuxford, Nozh and Fendahl sitting ready to answer any questions you may have about this new feature.

We will do things a bit different this time, instead of eve-mailing GM Nova you will be able to post your question in this forum thread. The guys will answer as many as they can, though we might not have time for all since the Live Dev Blog is only an hour long. As usual we will spend the first 15 minutes hearing an introduction by the Devs, on what they do and a bit about Heat, the next 30 minutes will be spent answer your questions from the thread, and they will take the last 15 minutes answering questions you post in the in-game channel, based on the discussions from the previous 45 minutes of course.

As always you need to have EVE Voice active on your account and join the in-game channel "Live Dev Blog". For more information you should check out the Dev Blog - Rules and Guidelines thread on the forums, please note that we will not be taking questions through eve-mail this time!

To discuss the upcoming Live Dev Blog about Heat, please use this forum thread. If you wish to submit a question for the Devs, use this forum thread instead!