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M.Corp Leaves Lotka Volterra

2007-03-05 - Svarthol

Velios, CEO of M.Corp and former executor corporation of the Lotka Volterra (LV) alliance has released a statement announcing their withdrawal from LV due to the war's toll on M.Corp.

Lotka Volterra's history stretches back 15 months ago when M.Corp, along with the corporations Shinra and UKC, carved out a slice of space in the Tenerifis region after a short but fierce engagement with Red Alliance, the two entities sharing significant Eve history with one another.

Their initial plans were to build an empire. Build they did, claiming many systems and constructing stations that still exist to this day, with a strong market in the constellations and systems they claimed. However, they faced a resolute enemy in the form of RA and were never able to completely vanquish their nemesis. A fact that returned to haunt them with the arrival of reinforcements in the guise of Goonswarm.

Velios stated: "It could be said that we created such a magnificent domain, that it drew envious eyes in our direction. All too quickly it seems, Lotka Volterra became the focus of a wider movement to knock back the establishments of power."

He added: "The undeniable truth is that against such numbers of committed pilots in the Coalition, we were doomed."

However, Velios has no hard feelings about this, and is quick to wish "...the new occupiers of the south eastern frontier luck in the future. May they enjoy the area to its fullest extent as we have done."

Having since created the alliance M.Pire, the future of M.Corp is still not set in stone. Velios concluded: "Of course we do have plans for the future. M.Corp is too long in the tooth simply to recede into Empire anonymity! We intend that our name shall be remembered for all of the right reasons. We will grow, we will improve and we will repay debts of gratitude to our friends, and debts of vengeance to our enemies!"