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Mining Accident in Annaro System Traps 200 Miners

2009-12-29 - Svarthol

Annaro -An asteroid in the Annaro system lost stability and collapsed on a team of nearly two hundred miners at a CBD Corporation mining facility. Thirty two miners are confirmed dead and the rest remain trapped below the surface. A dozen or more are reported to have serious injuries.

Evvlynne Deermin, spokesperson for CBD, explained the current situation in a press conference shortly after the accident. "We're holding out a lot of hope for the safe return of our miners. However, the situation is difficult. The asteroid is highly unstable, and the crew has limited oxygen."

Deermin would not comment when asked about the events leading up to the accident. One anonymous source near the scene claimed it started with a single misplaced explosive, causing a chain reaction of tunnel collapses in the hollowed-out asteroid. CBD Corporation is reported to be consulting urgently with their partner, Deep Core Mining.