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Minmatar-Thukker Task Force Drives Renegade Angels out of Konora

2009-07-13 - Svarthol

Konora, Metropolis – After fierce fighting in Konora, first reports are that the breakaway Angels have been driven from the Konora system in disarray, with most of their ships destroyed by a combined Minmatar-Thukker fleet and renegade ground forces overwhelmed by Minmatar Republic shock troops. Thukker Tribe forces are confirmed to have been present at the engagement, with the allied fleet outnumbering the renegade Angels by at least two-to-one.

Despite intelligence indicating a massed force of renegade ships was ready to respond to any incursion by the rapidly-assembled Republic Fleet task force, a decision to assault as quickly as possible was taken at the highest level. The presence of a substantial Thukker force, able to simultaneously attack from out of the Great Wildlands, gave Republic commanders confidence that a lightning strike would not be as risky as other situational factors appeared to indicate.

Reports from the relieved colonies have the total death toll among local citizens approaching 200. Some of the dead are thought to have been collaborators summarily executed by citizenry resistance. Meanwhile, few renegade prisoners have been taken. The fate of Commander Origen, the splinter faction's erstwhile spokesman, is unknown. Republic and Thukker forces have been universally welcomed by the tens of thousands of surviving colonists.