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Mordu's Patrol Engaged by Unknown Force

2006-07-01 - Svarthol

Late last week a patrol force of Mordu's Legion vessels, tasked with removing Guristas elements from several systems in the Pure Blind region, suffered significant losses after being caught in an ambush by an as yet unknown pirate fleet.

The five ship patrol fleet embarked from its current base of operations at the Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities in the 5ZXX-K system on a wide pattern patrol through several constellations of the Pure Blind region. The fleet, centred around the Caldari Navy Raven of Colonel Akuras, was reportedly on a mission to clear several Guristas pirate infestations at the behest of The Servant Sisters of EVE. Shortly after engaging and defeating a number of small Guristas groups operating in the X-7OMU system, the fleet received orders to make an immediate return to base. The return voyage mimicked the largely uneventful outward trip until the patrol entered the R6XN-9 system, where the Mordu's Legion ships were immediately set upon by a large number of unidentified pirates.

The initial engagement was swift and brutal, resulting in the destruction of three of the mordus vessels and their pilots pods, including that of Colonel Akuras. The fleets second in command Major Koinahaila, piloting a second Caldari Navy Raven, along with Sergeant Major Jian in a Vulture, managed to flee the carnage and make their way to the final stargate in the chain. However, both pilots were again set upon immediately after entering the 5ZXX-K system by compatriots of the first raiding party, that had inexplicably evaded detection by Mordu's forces stationed in the system. The second brief engagement did not end well for Major Koinhaila this time, resulting in the destruction of his ship and pod, however Sergeant Major Jian was able evade the pirate raiding fleet and make his way back to the station safely.

Mordu's Legion Command spokespeople have refused to answer questions on the incident, instead releasing a statement “The Legion has adjusted its standing towards the culprits accordingly. At this time, we will not be releasing the names of the pirates involved in this action.” Inside sources have suggested that an embarrassed Mordus Legion Command have made several key staff changes in its forces in the system, notably in the stations sensor and reconnaissance departments. An unconfirmed rumour that Colonel Achuras remarked to medical staff and observers that “it took twelve of the bastards to take me out” has been strongly denied by the Legion, whose response to questions regarding the rumour was “we will not be releasing the numbers of classes of ships involved at the present time.” All pod pilots have been advised to steer clear of the area if possible, until such time as the Legion, or possibly even the Caldari Navy itself, have identified and dealt with this publically unknown menace.