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New EVE Fiction Portal Launches

2017-03-31 - Team Inkling

Greetings Capsuleers,

It’s with pleasure that we announce the launch of a new EVE fiction portal that will serve a central repository and resource for all those interested in learning more about the rich lore of EVE Online and the wider EVE Universe. We know that this is something that has been keenly desired by many players for some time and we’re especially happy that it will lead to more opportunities for our volunteer writers to add to the depth of EVE’s fictional universe.

Indeed, the launch of has been enhanced by the work of our volunteer writers, and supported by a combination of dev teams, including Team Webster and Team Murder Services.

Storehouse of Lore

Visitors to the new EVE fiction portal will find a storehouse of lore, including overviews of the races, factions and corporations of EVE, along with the EVE chronicles and short stories. For those wanting to take a deep dive into EVE’s lore there are many lore articles on all manner of topics. Exploring the lore of New Eden through the fiction portal is supported by topic tags and a search function.

EVE’s storyline and supporting fiction has been developed over many years through collaboration between developers, volunteers and players, and the portal will be a resource and tool that will greatly contribute to this in the future.

New Developments

The launch of the new EVE fiction portal comes at an exciting time as our Interstellar Correspondents and Mercury fiction writer volunteer teams combine to form the New Eden Correspondents. This new volunteer writers team will be working closely with a new EVE development team dedicated to world-building in EVE Online: Team Inkling.

Working with stakeholders such as the cross-department story team Murder Services, EVE feature teams, the volunteers and you the players, Team Inkling aims to bring more lore to the game of EVE Online for all to enjoy.

The EVE fiction portal launch is an important step and we will continue to add more content to bring it up to date and publish new lore from our volunteer and dev story teams.

Please let us know your feedback on on the forum thread accompanying this dev blog. Additionally, we will be tracking issues and requests regarding the content of the fiction portal through //

We hope you enjoy diving into the new EVE fiction portal!

  • Team Inkling, with Team Webster, Team Murder Services and the New Eden Correspondents