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New Organisation Emerges in Empire Outskirts

2006-10-23 - Svarthol

Late Tuesday evening a group of ships, from the previously unknown Blood Sephrim, entered Amarr Empire space and gave local capsuleer pilots an ideological sermon before losing a vessel in combat with one of the pilots.

Just after 1900 galactic standard time Tuesday, a trio of pilots from what they declared to be the 'Blood Sephrim', an organisation unheard of until this point, entered the Kourmonen system of The Bleak Lands region. They immediately launched into a sermon about maintaining the purity of race, a common theme amongst both Amarr Empire and Blood Raider rhetoric, with lines from Agrippa Aristophanes such as “The Blood Sephrim are here to save Amarr, and spread the reclamation”.

However, unlike in typical amarrian rhetoric, the Blood Sephrim pilots claimed that there was purity in all races with the Amarr race the most pure of all, as opposed to the Amarr race being the only pure one, with all others subservient to it. Agrippa Aristophanes: “We feel that purity can be found in any race. And we above all seek purity. Some may feel our methods are unorthodox, but they are the one true way.” The Sephrim pilots continued to preach to and debate with locals for a further 20 minutes, several times insinuating that the Blood Sephrim were preparing to take a more active role in the undertakings of the Empire and the Theology Council, which of late have been rather public and detrimental.

The sermon was abruptly ended however when a local pod pilot, Laqutis, challenged the religious beliefs of the Blood Sephrim by insisting that they should worship him as a god instead. The situation quickly degenerated until a formal duel was declared between Laqutis and the Sephrim pilot Platon Callias, with each side resolving to settle the religious dispute in a one versus one contest decided by battleship fire. The duel was not to be, however, as the Sephrim pilot was cut down by eight battleships on arriving at the duel location, in a complete lack of regard for honour and protocol.

Although the Blood Sephrim made several bold claims with regards to the Amarrian Empire, their small number of complete obscurity ensured that Empire spokesmen remained silent on the issue, which has been accompanied by silence from what is believed to be the Sephrims former organisation, the Blood Raiders.