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New Republic Fleet Chief of Naval Operations Appointed

2008-05-01 - Svarthol

Pator, Heimatar - In a ceremony small yet rich with tradition, a new Chief of Naval Operations for the Heimatar region was sworn in today at Republic Fleet Headquarters in orbit above Kulheim. Admiral Ferius Ljarl, a Brutor and career Fleet officer with impeccable military credentials accepted the post from his predecessor Admiral Vulen Naismith.

A graduate of the Republic Military School's Aedald campus, Ljarl showed an early aptitude for command. Working his way swiftly up through the ranks, Ljarl served with distinction at every post he occupied. As a young lieutenant aboard the Stabber-class cruiser Nactecine, he took over command of the ship when the captain and majority of the bridge crew were incapacitated during the opening salvoes of a suspected slave raid. His quick thinking and cool head proved to be decisive in that engagement, and the raiders were driven from Republic space empty-handed.

Yet Ljarl's most important posting was perhaps that of Executive Officer to Admiral Kanth Filmir, the Republic Fleet officer tasked with bringing the renegade fighters known as "The Defiants" to heel. As lead tactical officer in Filmir's staff, Ferius Ljarl was present at the climactic battle that resulted in the death of the Defiants' leader, Karishal Muritor. Promoted to the rank of Admiral following that action, Ljarl has since served as a Fleet Headquarters staff officer overseeing planning and logistics.

As the new Chief of Regional Naval Operations, Admiral Ljarl will take over command of the Republic Fleet for the entire Heimatar region, reporting directly to the Fleet's Chief of Staff. Given Heimatar's status as the "cradle of the Republic" and its border with the Ammatar Mandate, the command is regarded as a prestigious position.

Many see the appointment of yet another Brutor to such a high Fleet position as a further sign of the increasing political clout wielded by the Brutor Tribe, and several observers have noted that Brutor political leader Malaetu Shakor seemed to take ramming Ljarl's nomination through the confirmation process as a personal mission. Yet with such an exemplary and unquestioned military record, there was little opposition to Ljarl's appointment. Indeed, a spokesman for Prime Minister Midular's office stated that "the Prime Minister feels very confidently that Admiral Ljarl is the right man for the job."

This appointment comes at a difficult time for the Republic Fleet. Whether objectively true or not, there has been a perception that readiness levels, training regimens, and staffing have all been deteriorating of late. It is also rumored that with the white-hot Gallente economy luring the best and the brightest away from the Republic, the Fleet has been forced to consider lowering required entrance exam scores in order to meet its manpower goals. It is hoped that having Admiral Ljarl, a young, vibrant officer and legitimate military hero in charge of the everyday running of the Fleet that talented young people will once again view naval service as a viable career.

When asked to comment on his appointment and his plans for the Fleet, Admiral Ljarl simply stated, "It is and has always been my intention to serve the Republic to the best of my abilities. In my capacity as operations chief, it is my responsibility to ensure that our allies and adversaries alike come to see the Republic Fleet as the fittest, most fearsome, most capable navy in space. I mean to do just that."