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Outlying Systems See Some Holders Refuse to Release Slaves

2009-01-02 - Svarthol

Mikhir, Domain – The Office of the Imperial Chancellor has confirmed that there have been a number of refusals by holders to implement the slave release program as ordered by Empress Jamyl I. While most incidents have been isolated and quickly dealt with by local enforcement paladins, the Chancellor's officials have admitted that in both Aridia and Genesis regions there are significant pockets of holders resisting the order.

Reports from Aridia and Genesis suggest that on several planets where labor-intensive industries such as agriculture and mining are the primary source of holder income, holders are entirely refusing to comply with the order. Planetary law enforcement is either unable or unwilling to compel obedience, with the holders involved often comprising the local authority of the domains in question.

It is also clear that a major factor in the refusals is religion, with many of the recalcitrant holders citing religious law and demanding the Theology Council give a judgement. It is reported that a direct appeal has been transmitted to the Order of the Speakers of Truth for their intercession in the matter.

Chancellor Kor-Azor has instructed the imperial bureaucracy to take all necessary steps to see to the full implementation of Empress Jamyl's orders. Elements of the Kor-Azor fleet, acting in the capacity of forces seconded to the Office of the Imperial Chancellor, are reported to be setting out for the two regions most affected by the refusals.