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Patch Notes for Trinity 1.0.3

2008-02-20 - CCP CAPSLOCK

Trinity 1.0.3 Patch Notes, released 20 February 2008

  • An issue has been resolved which caused some clients not to be able to connect due to an Incompatible Protocol error.

Trinity 1.0.3-1 Server-side change deployed 26 February 2008

  • Server side changes to gather cluster information.

Trinity 1.0.3-2 Server-side change deployed 28 February 2008

  • Game Master tools for the 5th Alliance Tournament.

Trinity 1.0.3-3 Server-side changes deployed 4 March 2008


  • The way the jump beacon service loads has been modified in order to prevent a recent situation where some systems would stop loading.

Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed a method of duplicating items.
  • Modifying the way contract information is displayed to prevent people from viewing the contents of courier contracts.