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Poksu Mineral Group Files Suit Against Minedrill Over Oto Claim

2009-02-28 - Svarthol

Oto - Poksu Mineral Group filed suit against Minedrill today, whose CEO Soisonen Okalala is currently in contention for the Ishukone CEO seat. The suit seeks to stop the latter's planned expansion in the Oto system, where both corporations have significant holdings. The suit alleges that Minedrill's expansion plans impinge on Poksu's own plans whereas Minedrill is calling the suit "a nuisance lawsuit without any merit." The Tribunal has issued an injunction against Minedrill's plans until the case can be reviewed.

The two mining corporations have operated the only two stations in Oto, a dead end system in the relatively busy Hysera-Tierijev lowsec corridor, for some time. Mining operations in the system have been focused on more conventional ores and minerals on the planets and moons there, but Minedrill is looking to expand that focus. According to plans filed with the House of Records in the last few weeks, Minedrill hopes to harvest hydrocarbons and other volatiles from some of the outer moons and planets.

According to Caldari law, mining contracts for the system should be assigned to "whichever entity can make most efficient use of the available natural resources." Poksu claims that no such judgement can be made until they submit their plans, while Minedrill submits that without any plan from Poksu, they win by default.

The Tribunal has promised a thorough review of precedent and a decision in due course, but a decision might not be rendered for several months, forcing Minedrill to postpone their plans, which were expected to begin in late spring.