Poksu Takeover Halted as Negotiations Fall Through | EVE Online

Poksu Takeover Halted as Negotiations Fall Through

2009-09-15 - Svarthol

Uphallant - After announcing their takeover of Material Acquisition's operations in the Uphallant system last week, The Poksu Mineral Group has put the entire project on hold. The reversal in position stems from a contract dispute between Poksu and partner Nugoeihuvi.

Originally, Nugoeihuvi was contracted to provide logistical support to Poksu from its stations in the Uphallant system. However, disagreements between Nugoeihuvi and Sukuuvestaa (which owns the controlling interest in Poksu) over which corporation's paramilitary forces (Internal Security and the Peace and Order Unit, respectively) would have jurisdiction led to Nugoeihuvi withdrawing support for the project.

In light of a lack of in-system support and increased Federal Defence Union activity in the area, Poksu opted to shelve the project. While Poksu press releases stated that the company is still interested in pursuing the matter, it is unclear what concessions would be required to bring Nugoeihuvi back on board.