Sanmatar Shakor Warns of 'Amarr Treachery;' Welcomes Former Slaves | EVE Online

Sanmatar Shakor Warns of 'Amarr Treachery;' Welcomes Former Slaves

2009-01-21 - Svarthol

Pator – Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor warned today that the 9th generation slave releases could not be taken at face value and that behind them would be "more of the treachery we have come to expect from the Amarr." The Sanmatar's remarks were made at a ceremony to welcome the first one million former slaves to travel to the Minmatar Republic since the slave release edict of Empress Jamyl I.

"We are gathered here today to welcome our brothers and sisters out of slavery and into freedom among the tribes of Minmatar," said Sanmatar Shakor, opening the ceremonies in the Republic Parliament. "Standing in this chamber, and in many others linked to us from across Minmatar space, are a million souls who were once shackled but have chosen to join us as free Minmatar. I welcome this with all my heart."

"Those who stand before us today must be honored, for they have recognized that there is no freedom for our people within the Amarr Empire," continued the Sanmatar. "There is no freedom where billions of our brothers and sisters remain in chains, and where they will remain in chains for the rest of their lives because they were not born at what the Empress of Amarr deems to be the right time. Those before us see that, and I am humbled in their presence."

"Even as I open my arms to our brothers and sisters, I guard myself against more of the treachery we have come to expect from the Amarr. The Amarr have not cast slavery aside. They would conquer us if they could. They would keep us in slavery for nine generations, maybe even more. I do not intend to let them enslave any more Minmatar for even a single generation. Brothers and sisters of Matar, welcome those who return. Welcome them, but continue working always towards the day that every one of us is free of the scourge of slavery."

Following the releases, Sanmatar Shakor's government has made grants of land and equipment available to any returning former slaves that want them. Job schemes, long open to any returning Minmatar, are also prioritizing placement of former slaves. The Republic Justice Department and Republic Security Services have both confirmed that their core missions remain unchanged by what they regard as a limited slave release.