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Sansha’s Nation Invasion of Tama Underway

2011-01-20 - Svarthol

Sansha’s Nation forces have begun an invasion of the Caldari State Solar System Tama.

This invastion comes in Light of their previous hostile appearance within the Solar System Ashab within Amarrian Territory.

The invasion began at 22:00, with a mere 20 residents in the system being caught by surprise.

New Eden capsuleers are converging on the solar system in an effort to either support the Sansha forces by defending their fleet or by beginning an offensive on all Sansha’s Nation vessels and supporting capsuleers.

JiaLei Lian, member of pro-Sansha alliance Shaktipat Revelators, explained that she would support the decisions of Sansha, “My 'opinion' is that the Tama system has seen much conflict. If the Master wishes operations to continue here, I trust his wisdom.”

SectorClear, anti-Sansha capsuleer of the corporation Terminal Logic, explained his views on the invasion, ”It's sad to see that the majority of pilots continues to undermine the efforts that capsuleers put into stopping the Sansha menace.”

Mallet, member and pirate of Session Changes alliance, gave his individual reason for entering Tama, “to be honest this is just a chance for us ‘security status challenged people’ to kill random people”

At the time of writing, over 130 pilots are present in Tama, supporting or defending the Sansha’s Nation fleet.

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Sansha foces in Ashab

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