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Scientists once again appeal to Caldari pilots

2005-10-14 - Svarthol

Dr Albert Vance and Dr Vic Stats, the two researchers working on a top secret project in a Josameto station belonging to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation have once again appeared in the Caldari FTL communication channel appealing to pilots to assist them in obtaining more electronic parts, again offering above the market price for these components.

There has been much controversy and speculation surrounding these two scientists over the past few weeks, mainly due to the fact they refuse to release the details of exactly what project they are working on. The only information we have managed to obtain so far is that it will ‘help unite the EVE universe’ and that ‘all will be revealed soon’. Although this information was enough for a large majority of the pod pilots present in the channel to immediately come to the aid of these researchers, many Caldari patriots still refused to deal with these scientists, advising other to do the same. A recent press release from one such patriot addressed this issue: “I ask all of you not to help this couple until they tell us what is going on. Two researchers without any background details, from mixed races trying to research something in a station owned by Practicals without telling anyone what is going on is just too vague. We don't need a full update on their research but I would be glad to see what they need help with and why they hide their history.”

With so little information on what experiments these two scientists are conducting, whether it is linked to the SuVee Corporation and what effects it will have on the universe, it is no surprise that some pilots remain suspicious of their intentions. It is obvious that this project will now be watched closely by Caldari patriots and curious pilots alike, waiting with baited breath for some answers to their many questions.