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Starbase tweaks: an update

2011-11-23 - CCP Greyscale

You may remember from the earlier blog (hint: read that blog if you haven't already) that we're making some adjustments to starbases in Crucible. Based on discussion in the feedback thread, we have made some changes to our plan, which will be detailed here.


  • Disregard all mention of "offline timers"; starbase structures will continue to offline instantly. Whoops.


  • Each production run of fuel blocks will now take five minutes rather than ten minutes
  • Each production run of fuel blocks will now produce FORTY fuel blocks rather than FOUR
  • Fuel blocks are now 5m3 rather tha 50m3
  • Fuel blocks can now be produced in Component Assembly Arrays as well as Ammunition Assembly Arrays
  • Control towers will now use 40/20/10 blocks an hour for large/medium/small towers, up from 4/2/1 (matched by production increases)
  • Faction towers will no longer have a fuel bay capacity bonus; their bays will be 140k/70k/35k in line with standard towers
  • Faction towers will have a 10% fuel use reduction for "tier 1" towers and a 20% fuel use reduction for "tier 2" towers (compared to their standard tower equivalents), taking them to 36/18/9 and 32/16/8 respectively for large/medium/small towers


Fuel switchover will happen with a scheduled patch approximately two weeks after Crucible, details of which will be announced closer to the time.

Towers will continue to use the original fuel types right up until this patch happens.

After this patch is applied, they will use fuel blocks exclusively for fuel.

If you ensure that your tower is stocked with a mix of old fuel and fuel blocks, it will continue to use the old fuel until the switchover patch, at which point it will start using the fuel blocks instead in a fully seamless manner.

We recommend ensuring that you keep enough old-style fuel in your tower to last three days past the scheduled switchover patch - so that, in the unlikely event that the patch runs into a technical glitch that prevents deployment, your towers won't go offline - and fill the rest up with fuel blocks. This should ensure a smooth switch-over.


If there are any further questions, please ask them in the feedback thread. Be aware though that we're not in a position to make non-emergency changes for the Crucible release at this time; any additional adjustments will have to wait until future patches.

Thanks for reading,

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