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Stormy Senate session ends on a compromising note

2004-09-17 - Svarthol

Yesterday saw the most heated Senate sessions in years, as Souro Foiritan clashed with the leaders of the Senate in an attempt to push through constitutional changes allowing him to run again for the presidency in two years time. Foiritan’s ambition is to stay in office until a full and decisive victory can be called in the fight against the UDI. The president is rallying all the support he can in the Senate in a bid to overturn the stranglehold the Sociocrats have on it. Favors are being called in and rumors suggest that Foiritan systematically lined up face-to-face meetings with wavering and neutral senators in order to work his charm on them.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mentas Blaque, leader of the Sociocrats, worked diligently to thwart Foiritan’s plans, using his own extensive network of friends and lobbyists. The tug of war climaxed with a verbal argument between the two antagonists inside the Senate hall itself, where Blaque accused Foiritan of ‘improperly muscling in on the legislative territory’, while Foiritan fired back that Blaque was simply ‘using every opportunity to sensationalize every trivial matter like it was a question of life or death’.

The end result was something that could either be called personal victories or defeats for both Foiritan and Blaque, as Foiritan didn’t manage to get enough Senatorial votes for his bill to pass, but got a compromise deal where an independent committee of law experts will be formed to discuss the matter and make suggestions. All parties are anxious for this committee to conclude its business as soon as possible, so results are expected in few days. Such are the fast and furious workings of the Gallente democracy.

In related news one of the top political advisors of president Foiritan has resigned. Though the official explanation states this was due to health reasons, it is widely believed that Foiritan is ridding himself of those aides that don’t support his reelection bid. Indeed, many analysts claim that this can turn out to be a major blunder for Foiritan that might cost him dearly in the long run.