The Crimson Harvest - Special offers in the New Eden Store and PLEX | EVE Online

The Crimson Harvest - Special offers in the New Eden Store and PLEX

2015-10-23 - CCP Phantom

The Crimson Harvest introduced not only exciting and profitable in-game opportunities, it also brings great new offerings into the New Eden Store and PLEX discounts.

You can find all Blood Raider items half price, which includes the following:

  • Paladin Blood Raider SKIN (Permanent)
  • Women's 'Outlaw' Bundle (Blood Raiders)
  • Men's 'Outlaw' Bundle (Blood Raiders)
  • Women's 'Gunner' Jacket (Blood Raiders)
  • Men's 'Marshal' Jacket (Blood Raiders)

In addition, we have put together six new themed bundles of SKINs - you can get them now with a discount up to 50%! The bundles on offer include:

  • Industrial Investor
  • Drone Devastation
  • Missile Madness,
  • Energy Eruption
  • Hybrid Heavy
  • Projectile Power

Check out the New Eden Store!

The Crimson Harvest also comes with considerable discounts on PLEX and AUR deals that include rare (and valuable) Blood Raider SKINs. Hop over to your account management and enjoy those special, time limited offers!

Of course you can also sneak in additional fire power to fight the Blood Raiders (or to stirr up trouble yourself) and reactivate an expired account with the Crimson Harvest reactivation offer.

The PLEX and AUR offers end on November 2nd while the New Eden Store offers expire on November 3rd - don't wait too long!