Unscheduled downtime 17:00- 17:20 GMT | EVE Online

Unscheduled downtime 17:00- 17:20 GMT

2003-07-07 - CCP Hellmar

Fixed the slots what were only available to NPC corp members. Now all 32 slots should be available at all.

Increased rental period from 3 to 5 days, will only affect rentals after the change (old rentals are still 3 days).

Gave research slots to players that incorrectly didn't get them on Friday

Fixed stored procedure that incorrectly reported a slot not having been used, even though there was a blueprint in it.

To the people that have been gaining, loosing, renting slots over the last 4 days, I can only say that the guilty parties have been dealt with. My apologies for your frustration and loss of time.

Station resource rental should function as expected now, finally.

Also fixed was the globalness of the jettison timer and it reduced to 3 minutes. We need to have the timer, as spurting cans all over the place, puts the hurt on servers and players. Note to miners; using secure-containers to do what you have been using the loot containers, gives you more capacity and password protection of the contents.